The Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture


The Johns Hopkins ICTR is privileged to be the establishing sponsor of the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture Series. The goal of the series is to honor Henrietta Lacks and the positive global impact of HeLa cells. This series will also serve as an annual reminder of the gratitude, respect, and clear communication due to all research participants.

Keeping biomedical research connected to the people it is intended to serve is an ongoing process rooted in the open exchange of ideas among all stakeholders. To facilitate this process, speakers for the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture Series are selected for their ability to communicate the current ethical complexities and challenges facing biomedical research in a way that is engaging and accessible to scientists, health care providers, and members of the lay community alike.

By coming together each year to remember the woman behind this lifesaving, world-changing development in biomedical science, the Johns Hopkins research community will never again forget that HeLa stands for Henrietta Lacks.

The Henrietta Lacks Memorial Lecture will always be free and open to the public.


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