Science of Clinical Investigation (SOCI) Training Program

The Science of Clinical Investigation (SOCI) Training Program is designed to prepare clinicians and other biological scientists to participate in multidisciplinary clinical research.  Courses are offered on-site and online.

Translational clinical research requires a team that can design, analyze, interpret, and implement clinical studies in compliance with ethical and regulatory norms.  Develop this expertise and become a leader in clinical research with the SOCI training program.

The SOCI program contains both onsite and online courses including:

  • Database Design and Implementation in Clinical Research
  • Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Research
  • Design of Clinical Studies
  • Quantitative Analysis of Clinical Data
  • Outcomes and Effectiveness Research
  • Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation

Courses are designed for:

  • Clinicians
  • Scientists engaged in clinical research
  • IRB and other clinical research review committee members and staff
  • Those aspiring to careers in clinical research
  • Individuals both here at Johns Hopkins and abroad interested in clinical research

An achievement award is earned for satisfactorily completing four or more courses.  This  program is not for credit.

Science of Clinical Investigation Training Program 

First Term: September 1- October 26, 2016

(390.673.01)  Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Research

Mondays, 5:30-8:30 pm

Due to the Labor Day Holiday, class will be held on Tuesday 9/6 rather than Monday 9/5.

Attached for your convenience is the registration form, which can be completed and returned to Stacey Marks ( Faculty and Staff, please also use the attached Tuition Remission Form. Fellows, please provide I/O and Fund numbers on the registration form.

SOCI Registration Form

Tuition Remission Form


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