Clinical Hosts

Clinical Hosts for the 2016 Fall Ideation Ethnographic Patient Safety Projects

  1. Lynette Mark (School of Medicine, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine)
  2. Pradeep Thomas (School of Medicine, Anesthesiology Technical Staff)
  3. Roberta Jones and Laurie Saletnik (Johns Hopkins Hospital, Surgery)
  4. Judy Cool (JHHCG Home Health Services, Geriatric)
  5. Carla Aquino and Patty Dawson (Central Nursing Administration)
  6. Mitra Gavgani and David Hirsch (JHHCG Home Health Services, Pharaquip)
  7. Lisa Ryan (JHHCG Home Health Services)
  8. Linda Condon (Johns Hopkins Hospital, Central Sterile Processing)
  9. Rhonda Wyskiel & Betsy Zink (Johns Hopkins Hospital-wide)