Study Coordinator Apprenticeship and Mentoring Program (SCAMP)

The ICTR Study Coordinator Apprenticeship and Mentoring Program (SCAMP) is a two-year internship program that trains inexperienced individuals to become study coordinators. This unique program consists of several components: an educational component, a resource component, and a staff-networking component.

The educational component of the program provides the study coordinator apprentices with a structured training program utilizing the ICTR’’s educational programs, clinical infrastructure and expert consultative resources. The apprentices shadows experienced study coordinators and clinic staff, providing a hands-on training experience for these new study coordinator apprentices. They gain first-hand experience working as study coordinators for teams throughout the Johns Hopkins Institution, providing them the opportunity to hone their study coordination skills over multiple research studies, all while under the oversight of the SCAMP manager.

The program has a pool of study coordinators who are available to be hired on a part time basis by Johns Hopkins faculty and staff. These apprentices are available on a free and low-cost basis, which makes the process of finding a part time coordinator easier, as well as provides study coordinator support for junior faculty with smaller projects, or even seasoned investigators with pilot studies.

SCAMP will also help to develop the community of research support staff throughout Johns Hopkins, by providing monthly educational session, as well as networking and problem solving sessions open to all research staff at any of the Johns Hopkins Institutes.

To view a lecture detailing this program, click the link below.

If you are a research team that would like to apply for study coordinator support, please click on the link below to submit an ICTR Connection Request.

ICTR Connection Request

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