Cynthia A. MacInnis

Cynthia A. MacInnis, BS, CCRP is the Network Coordinator for Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) and Johns Hopkins University in the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), and is currently enrolled in a dual degree Masters of Science degree in Biotechnology, and a Masters in Business Administration program at Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. MacInnis has over seven years experience in clinical trials management. Prior to being offered the role as Network Coordinator with the JHCRN, she had overseen the oncology clinical trials program at GBMC, Berman Cancer Institute. In this capacity, she was responsible for clinical research program trial and staff oversight, budget development, contract negotiations, and had also gained experience in data management and regulatory submission. While at Berman Cancer Institute, Ms. MacInnis implemented a quality improvement initiative with internal audit processes and standard operating procedure implementation. More recently, she has developed a research website for the institution. In her current role as Network Coordinator, Ms. MacInnis acts as a primary liaison between JHU and GBMC to facilitate opening JHU research at the affiliated institution.