New Position

Posted August 16, 2016

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network

Position Title:

Associate Program Director for Population Health and Outcomes Research

Roles and Responsibilities:

The overall purpose of this position is to facilitate the conduct of inter-institutional health services research across the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN). In this role, the Associate Program Director for Population Health and Outcomes Research is expected to:

  • Collaborate with JHCRN leadership to establish a research agenda and facilitate health services research in support of JHCRN strategic plan. He/she will:
    • Assist in identifying/developing grant proposals
    • Assist with identification of collaborating investigators within JHMI
    • Assist with identifying funding sources.
    • Provide grant writing mentorship.
  • Act as subject matter expert and facilitate research projects conducted through the JHCRN.
    • Collaborate to identify inter-institutional process improvement gaps in the area of population health and outcomes research.
    • Communicate JHCRN research findings and best practices through various means of communication.
  • Promote and facilitate clinical research collaborations between JHCRN investigators with a primary focus on supporting research focused on clinical service quality, patient experience, and resource utilization.
    • Serve as an ambassador for the JHCRN to JHU faculty.
    • Provide information about the structure and function of the JHCRN at faculty and other institutional meetings.
    • Connect faculty with a Network Coordinator to foster conduct of network projects.
  • Administratively, he/she will report directly to the Director of the JHCRN, and is expected to:
    •  Participate in monthly JHCRN Executive and Investigator Committee meetings.
    • Represent the needs of faculty to the committees, advocating for direction, policies and procedures that will best serve the faculty’s research needs, and will increase participation through the JHCRN.
    • Comply with quantitative measures of success during each budget year, by:
      •  Meeting with investigators for discussions of new or developing protocols
      •  Participate in related workshops or seminars.
      •  Work with research investigators to proactively identify key indicators, validate results, and monitor success.
  •  Provide an annual verbal and written summary to the JHCRN executive committee on goal attainment and challenges experienced.

Additional information about the JHCRN can be found through our our website and brochure. To inquire further about this position including how to apply, please contact administrative coordinator, Robyn Hinke, at or 443-287-4000.